Celebrating Our 50,000 Customer With FREE SHIPPING!
Celebrating Our 50,000 Customer With FREE SHIPPING!

About Us

Hello Fellow Golfers,

My name is Samantha Daniels, The Founder, and Owner of Monat Sinpent. I was golfing with my boss a few years ago when I noticed that I was so far over par compared to him. I usually am an amazing golfer, but it could have been the wind that day, the fact that I was hungry, or whatever else it was. Either way, I wanted an edge over anyone I golfed against, so I started looking for Range Finders.

Monat Sinpent was created by a golfer, for golfers. Our mission at Monat Sinpent is to ensure that none of the shitty Range Finders find there way into anyone's hands. At Monat Sinpent, we know how much better it feels to have a chill game, so get yours today and we'll hook you up with 10% off with "Finder".❤️       

~Your Friend, Samantha Olsen